And this is why I’ve always dodged questions about Kiva’s childhood whenever someone’s asked about it.  I wanted it to be her story to tell.

Two things about the upcoming pages:

1) They might be hard for some people to read.  I know that drawing them is going to be rough on me.  Consider yourselves forewarned.

2) I’ve thought about it a lot, and I want to present Kiva’s childhood arc very carefully. Rather than release pages individually, I’m going to bundle them together into three extra long pages, which will probably each be at least four times as long as a regular page.  For that and other reasons, it’s going to take me longer than usual to make these next three pages.

I don’t want to commit to a certain due date for their release because I want to make sure I can take my time and handle this arc right, but in the downtime between updates I plan on posting concept sketches, coloring experiments, doodles and things of that like from the arc on tumblr and Patreon.  Nothing really spoilery, just things for you guys to look at if you want.

And while Shades will be going off of regular updates for a little while, Ixion will take over for the month of August and have regular updates in its stead.

Since this page will be here a while, any new news I have for you guys will be posted below.

Have a great weekend, guys!  Thanks for reading! ♥