Hey guys.

I’m sorry do to this, but I’ve gotta skip the comic update this week.  I’m just so exhausted, and I messed up my hand between digging out from the blizzard and the crazy pace we’ve had to set at my job to make up for the storm.  I need to take a few days to just rest and relax.

But in the meantime, here’s an update on the Patreon charm I’ll be sending out to my $5+ supporters.  This was the most popular of the three potential designs (and also my personal favorite, so yay.)  This is just a first pass at it – I still have lots I want to refine about it before I want to add the fancier coloring and shading (particularly La’s pose in the back), but this should give you a decent idea about the finished product.  Remember, if you’d like to get one, just pledge $5 or more to my Patreon by no later than April 1st.  While I have plans to make more charms in the future, this design is going to be a limited edition Patreon exclusive so get ’em while they’re hot.

EDIT:  Added an updated version of the charm.  It’s not letting me delete the older version, so… enjoy seeing the progress I guess?

Thanks for reading, guys.  See you next week. ♥