It’s a more-than-double-length Thanksgiving break special!
Never again. Also stairs… never again. When you’re only using a paintbrush tool and burn/dodge for backgrounds, Uniform right angles just don’t happen. I gave up on those stairs about halfway through and tried to make them look bad on purpose. Different sizes, slanting, somehow curved despite the straight walls… yep, the Kilm have mastered space travel, but can they handle simple architecture? Nnnooo.
Also, it’s student housing.

This comic was also sort of a surprise. It was supposed to but a cute little thing containing such lines as “Hehee! Stop, Jael… not in public!” and “C’mon, we’d better catch up before he decks some poor bystander out of sheer frustration.” And then screaming Jael popped up.
Oh well… gives me a reason to do a really cool scene a couple pages down the road. Also means I have to alter the immediate plot too. Oh well….