Not much to talk about here except for the white board things. How I love them…

Since the t’hyrma can’t see in the visible light spectrum, only the infrared, writing anything would be a problem, right? Wrong! Remember those magnetic drawing boards we’ve all played with at one time or another? Those gray things with little bits of iron stuck in them, and when you drew over them with the special pen, the iron would leap and stick to the underside of the board, making an awkward, messy gray picture? You remember.

These special white boards work just like that, except that as soon as the little magnetic shavings in the board leap up and stick, they heat up in the little concentrated spot they were assigned to by the pen. Instant infrared words 😀

Oh, also I changed the way I show that T’hyrian is being spoken. That thing I did when Ten first met Trini was just too awkward, with the non-sensical word bubbles and the box translations underneath them. From now on, the T’hyrian words will be semi-transparent, with the readable translation superimposed over it.