Today is the day of many notes!

First and most obviously, the new comic style. I’m drawing them a bit differently with hopefully more animated faces and poses…. though the poses thing doesn’t really apply here because they’re just sitting around and talking.

The style of shading I was using, though nice and quick, wasn’t nearly as accurate as I would have liked and was starting to get too dark. This is Ten’s story, and he sees the world as generally a bright and happy place, so I needed bright and happy shading. What I’m using here is a form of simple cell shading, and god did it take me forever. It defines their faces a bit better though, and I especially like how it looks on Ten. It gives him the firey yellow-orange eyes that I want him to have without making them look stupid. Jael’s eyes need to be smaller though. They looked fine on paper, but as soon as I added the dark green… jeez they look huge.