This is the beginning of a small story arc. One I’m really looking forward to because I finally get to draw backgrounds other than walls and sand. 😀

I know I did a pretty bad job of conveying this, but Ten’s walking to an elevator building, taking an elevator to the Garden Ring, and looking all happy because he likes it there.

So, a word about the station set up:

There are three main rings that make up most of the station (and three small ones that make up the core, where the ships are stored.) Of the three rings, two are residential, and the third is the Garden Ring. The Garden Ring is used to produce and recycle food and air in all sorts of nifty, technologically advanced ways. It’s also there to be pretty, because everyone gets tired of looking at sand from time to time.

The Garden Ring is also pretty damn big. Unlike in the residential rings where the elevators run up the walls, in the Garden Ring they go straight down the center too because it’s too far to reasonably walk from one side to the other. At least in any sort of time-efficient way. So keep in mind there’s a bunch of stuff behind Ten too, not just the other wall. You’ll get the idea once he starts wandering around. There’s also gonna be critters. 😀