Isn’t Tattle just the most adorible little girl ever? 😀

A couple notes…

Being a shapeshifter, and therefore able to rearrange important physical structures at will, Tattle’s species is capable of creating small empty spaces within their bodies for storing and carrying things. The largest members of Tattle’s species can absorb and spit back out things as large as Ten’s skull if the mood strikes them. In panel 7, Tattle’s pulling a music player out of one of those spaces instead of… whatever else it might look like is going on. It’s hard to show that in just one panel.

Also, Tattle is telling the truth about it being too much trouble for (I’m just going to use he/him here for the sake of simplicity) him to do things himself. Tattle very well could impersonate a cadet, but because the people he wants to keep tabs on all know each other, he couldn’t just make up a random morph for the job. He’d have to pick a real person, study them, learn their mannerisms and schedules, and either bribe the real person to disappear for a little while so he could take their place, or be really clever/lucky with his timing. Even after he achieves “in” status, he’d have to devote even larger amounts of time to observation and just hope that something eventually happened.
(End use of male pronouns. Damn you English and your lack of a neuter pronoun.)

Considering that Tattle has two other jobs on the ship (plus a need to sleep at SOME point during the day) it just makes more sense to bribe/hire someone else to play mole instead.

Enter Ten. 😀