Ever get the feeling you’ve said something spot on without knowing why or what you meant when you said it?

As a note, the words “angel” and “demon” here are more of a rough translation than anything else. I grappled with the idea of making up new alien vocab to use in their place, but decided against it because it would probably be too confusing. The ideas behind the words are similar enough to let it slide. If you’re interested, here’s a quick breakdown of what’s what:

What Kal means by “angel” is a beneficial spirit that looks after and protects a person/place/thing with extreme altruism. When Ten jokes that it would be a “demon” looking after him, he means it would be something that has its own motives, and might be helping him for no other reason than it finds it amusing to do so. (Let’s face it, introducing Ten to the people that can hook him up with the academy’s trouble-making social network is bound to have disasterous and wacky results.) Neither “angels” nor “demons” are necessarily good or evil as the kilm think of it, because… well… we’ll get to that later. For now let’s just say that everything is a matter of perspective. 😉

Also, in the third panel Kal is doing the kilm equivalent of flashing “the bird” at the camera. He’s a classy one, that Kal.