And here we are!  The first page to be uploaded exclusively to this site!  *sniff*  I’m so proud…

I’m hoping most of my Drunk Duck readers will follow me over here.  Like I said back on DD, the site’s still a work in progress, but it’s going to give me a lot more freedom and creative control than a free site would have so I think the move is worth it.

For now, there’s not much up but I’m going to work on adding all sorts of new things over the next few weeks.  It’s taking me a while because I’m a bit slow figuring all this out, but it should look amazing once I’m done.  😀

Any advice/ideas/what-have-yous are very welcome.  The comments should be working, but if you prefer e-mail you can reach me at  I especially need suggestions for the FAQ page.

(If you can’t see the comment option under the comic page, click the ‘previous’ button and then ‘next’ and it should be there.  I don’t know if that’s happening for anyone else, but it’s a weird glitch I’m running into.  If it’s a problem for other people, I’ll see about getting it fixed.)

And speaking of glitches, I’m going to be working on the site pretty much continuously so if something goes a bit weird, it was probably me.  Tinkering with things.  😉