Oh man… already I’m beginning to miss having some sort of background to play with.  And there are pages upon countless pages of black-gray blobbiness still ahead of us.  I hope you guys are all buckled in for that visual thrill ride!  Woo!

However, there is a way to resolve these monochromatic woes…

(Bear with me here…)

I’m thinking of running a donation incentive sort of deal.  I’ve seen it go over well on other websites, so I figure, Hey, I’m long on time and short on money at the moment.  Perhaps some extra drawing is in order!

See, I’ve skipped over some side stories and fun little fill-ins in order to move the plot along.  Heck, I’ve even referenced some stuff in dialogue that I had given up on ever actually showing in the comic.  But… frankly… being between jobs sucks and I could use some help affording those little extras like student loan payments and food.


What I’m thinking is the main comic storyline will keep updating as scheduled, but for every $20 I get in donations, I’ll put up a bonus page that covers things that otherwise would have gotten passed by.  Things dealing with dorm pets and dust baths and dating and perhaps even the infamous airlock incident.

If you’re interested and have an extra dollar or two kicking around, I’ve put the donation button right at the bottom of this blog.  Any help would be really, really appreciated.  Truly.

Thanks for reading, guys!