Oh lighthearted whimsy, where have you gone?

Just to add to the mood, Ten’s little pocket clock light thing is losing its juice and the lighting’s getting dimmer.  I’m not a big fan of “movie dark” where you can see everything perfectly but you have to pretend that the actors can’t, so I’m trying to leave the panels as dark as possible.  I think my monitor might be set brighter than other people’s though, so if this page just looks like dialogue on top of dark blobs, let me know and I’ll lighten it up a little.  Gotta be able to see the emotional turmoil on their faces after all!

Also, for funsies there will be a special Halloween page posted on the 31st!  It’ll be over on the Art page, in the holiday section, so be sure to check back for that on Monday.

Also also, the first desktop I’ll be making is of Jael, which will hopefully be available in the next week or so.  If you guys have character(s) in particular you’d like desktops of besides him, drop me a comment or an e-mail!

Also x3 (dear god, so many notes for this page!) I wanted to draw special attention to Schubacca’s comment on the previous page – “One would hope super space academy peoples would have basic psych test to figure this out before they get to classes.”  

To which I say: Yes!  Yes, you would hope so, wouldn’t you?  Not the case here.  At least not anymore.  I’ve been subtly (if that) hinting that the kilm are a highly militaristic species.  What I haven’t come right out and said is that they’re deeply entrenched in multiple wars and have been for some time.  After a while, in order to keep the ranks filled with warm bodies some standards ended up being… revised.  To the point where as long as the enlistee wasn’t deemed likely to start mowing down his own comrades as soon as he was given a weapon, they’d give him a fair chance to be trained.  Frightening, but it does help explain some of the personalities in this story.  Including the two not quite mentally stable ones we’re focusing on right now.

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EDIT: Sorry about the delay on the Halloween page.  I had it all ready to be uploaded and then a monster storm knocked out my power for a few days.  Whoops!  It’s up now though, and it’s zombie-tastic!