Oh, it is SO good to have some other faces to draw.  Just… so wonderful.

A new vote incentive is up as well.  It’s even finished (no sketch blurriness this week, no sir!) and seasonal, and features pretty much the only couple in the comic so far.  I figured they needed some love.  (Don’t forget you can vote every day!)

Along those lines, anyone have ideas/requests for vote incentives?  It took me a good half an hour to decide to do this one, and that’s just sad.  Anything short of actual full-length comic pages would work.

(By the way, that ‘every $20 in total donations unlocks a page of otherwise-not-gonna-be-seen story content and helps the artist afford silly things like food and loan payments’  thing is still going on.  *hint hint nudge nudge*  We’re currently $0/$20 to the next page.)

And!  Because I was asked so nicely and I feel like it, there will be an extra update on Tuesday!  (Hurray!)  There may or may not be a new vote incentive that day, too.  No promises on that one, but I’ll try.


In other news OH GOD THE SECRET SIDE PROJECTS.  I’m just super horrible at deciding what is a reasonable amount of work to take on.  In favor of honesty and hopefulness that I’ll get some feedback on things, here’s what I have cooking at the moment:

  • Ixion ~ The companion comic to Shades of Gray.  I finally, finally got the site up and working, but it’s not quite ready for public use.  I still need to add a few support pages and polish its look.  Plus (if you’ve been following my comics for a while, you’ll recognize this trend) I decided I didn’t like its style so much and decided to redo the last couple pages of chapter 1 so that the art integrates better with Shades of Gray.

             Tentative release date ~ February 2012

  • The Store ~ Yes.  A real one.  I realize that my little “support the comic” page wasn’t the best of ideas, so that’ll be coming down soon and will be replaced with a good ol’ legit place of business.  Probably on Etsy (unless I can find someplace with better rates.)  I plan to offer plushies of Malaiki, magnets of various characters, and maybe little clay figures.  Evidently I’m pretty awful at coming up with ideas for this sort of thing.  That’s where you guys come in.  If you’d be inclined to buy something from this comic, what would it be?
             Planning to have it up by ~ January 2012
  • Contests! ~ Every once in a while, yeah, I want to do one of these.  Actually, I was thinking of making the first one coincide with the opening of the store.  I was thinking of alternating between raffles and something more skill-related (like art contests or scavenger hunts through the comic.)  Y’know…  partially to encourage more interaction in the comic community and hopefully draw in new readers, but mostly because contests are just fun.  Feedback on this would be great, especially along the lines of what you’d like to see for prizes.
  • Community ~ I’ve been looking through other web comics I read, and I’ve noticed most of them have a lot more going on in terms of community than Shades of Gray does.  Something should be done about this.  So, here’s the question I pose to you: What should I do?  Would you guys like to see a blog go up?  A twitter account?  A Facebook page?  Maybe a forum?  (Would anyone use a forum?)  Something else?  I’m open to all sorts of ideas, but I would like to do something.

Anyway, any help/ideas/suggestions/cookies you guys could give me on these things would be very appreciated.  You can either hit me up in the comments below or at avsaroke@gmail.com.