Happy New Year’s, all!

They’re finally out of the elevator!  There’s color again!  😀  Originally I planned to have a lot more people waiting at the bottom of the elevator, but then I ran out of time so we’ll get to them later.

I noticed I’ve done a fair number of wintery drawings over the past few years, with everyone in winter coats and whatnot, enjoying the snow.  In reality, since most everyone either grew up on a space station or a desert planet, things would go a little differently.  This week’s vote incentive illustrates the point.

On that note, I added a new drawing to my sadly underused DeviantArt account.  It was a commission from one of my favorite readers.  Guess the theme. 😉

Next week (the week after at the latest) I’ll also have a brand spanking new bonus page for everyone to enjoy.  So very exciting!

The responses I’ve gotten about my questions back on page 198 have been really helpful (thanks guys!) and now that the holidays are over I have time to work on things again.  Look forward to new things in the very new future!