Okay, only mildly late getting this up (blame my 24 hour New Year’s party) but it’s still Friday, so huzzah!

Well, actually, part of the reason for the lateness is this week’s bonus page!  The request was for something showing Tattle’s history on the station, but it’s hard to compress 12 years of shenanigans into a single page, so I compromised by showing Tattle’s arrival.  It’s sort of a special page because it’s the first time we actually see Luka, the station’s Second, in Command in the comic.  We also get a brief glimpse of the Security Director that worked there before Don.  In case it’s hard to tell, the last three bits of dialogue in semi-transparent bubbles are meant to be a private conversation between just Tattle and Maev.  As usual, this page probably raises more questions than it answers. 😉

Apparently this week’s theme is Tattle.  The new vote incentive got a bit very screwed up (serves me right for not saving until the end) but maybe there’s still something deep and artsy in the blurry lineart and crappy coloring.  I’ll do better next week, promise.

Progress to the next bonus page: $0/$20