It’s Doooon!  😀

Actual dialogue was deemed UNNECESSARY for this page, so please enjoy a healthy helping of punctuation in its place.

Though (and it’s probably because I was watching The Road to El Dorado while inking this) I imagine Don and Tatith’s exchange involving a bit of:

You can’t blame me for this!


In other news, new vote incentive.  From my sketchbook.  It’s also Don!  Hurray for themed weeks!

Next week there will be at least one surprise (hopefully two if all goes well) so be sure to check back in.  The definite surprise is time sensitive. 😉

Also, there was a request for a chat box so people could talk without gunking up the comments section, sooo… we have one of those now.  —>

I guess it’s like a happy medium between holding full on conversations in the comments area and having a forum to go to.

Progress toward the next bonus page: $0/$20