Lessons learned?  Here?

Hahaha, noooooo…

Things can’t be THAT easy.


Two big announcements:

FIRST – Next week the comic store should be up and running (as long as Etsy cooperates with me).  I’ve got magnet sets, a couple sizes of Malaiki plushies, and I should have some physical artwork of various kinds to sell too.  I’ll add things over time, but I figure it’s a good start, especially seeing as everything is handmade.

SECOND – In celebration of the impending opening of the store, I’m kicking off a trivia contest, with not one, but two Malaiki plushies up for grabs!  You can find the details of the contest by clicking on the banner to the left.  Good luck!


This week’s vote incentive is a peek into the future.  Check it out if you want a preview of Ixion’s main character, Vivan!

Progress toward the next bonus page: $0/$20