No one’s having a good day on this page.

Since Ten’s been so stressed and unhappy lately, I decided to send the boys somewhere nice for this week’s vote incentive.  I imagine that if he found himself in the middle of an Earth carnival/fair/whathaveyou, Ten would just Lose. His. Shit.  I mean, seriously.  He’d be worse than a 6 year old on a sugar high.

Also, don’t forget you can vote daily!  The more Shades moves up the rankings, the more it helps new people find the comic!  (Also, it gives me warm fuzzies every time I see someone vote for my story. :3 )

Aaand… I got a request for some information on ear notching a little while ago, so that’s posted on the FAQ page now, complete with sketches.  There’s also a bit of information about the Kahmithian deities in there in case you were interested in them.


And now for something completely different!

I want to direct you guys over to another sci-fi comic that I’ve been reading for a while, and that has become one of my favorite online comics:  Kila Ilo.  It’s a smart, funny little story about an odd pair of aliens that travel to Earth to find parts of a buried weapon, only to discover the planet isn’t quite as uninhabited as they thought.  It’s currently on hiatus, but there’s a decent amount of pages in the archive to work through.  A piece of fanart I drew for the comic should also be going up on Friday Monday …sometime, so that’s pretty cool too.

Progress towards the next bonus page: $0/$20