Oh, that feeling…

That feeling when you’re with someone and you’re talking and having some really great one-on-one time and then a third wheel totters its way onto the scene.  Which would be okay, except all of the sudden you’re not a part of the conversation at all anymore and might as well not even be there.  That’s a fun feeling.

The bonus page I owed you guys is now up and full of Ten and Kiva being bad listeners.  And a Farscape reference.  I managed to throw one of those in there too.

Aaand… since this past week included Valentine’s day, I figured I’d make this week’s vote incentive a little steamy with the comic’s only current obvious couple.  (I promise I’m going to use that idea you gave me next week, Max!  Really!)

I ran out of time this week (and DAMN, what a stupid week this has been) but I’m planning on making updates to some of the supporting pages over the next few days.  I’m going to better organize the links page and add a couple new characters to the  cast page.  I might reorganize that as well so it doesn’t get too overwhelming to look at.  Not sure yet.  Look for changes, though.

Progress towards next bonus page: $5/$20