So there you have it… those little nasty things are actually called vervets.  I still like to call them scuttle monsters though, because hell… that’s what they are.

Man, did I have fun on this page.  😀

Now for some exciting news!

A few weeks back I decided that if I can manage to do the occasional bonus page in addition to regular updates, there’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to handle more frequent updates.  So, I threw myself into my drawing, worked up a decent page buffer, and am now going to update Shades of Gray twice a week.  I’m thinking Tuesdays and Fridays.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep it up long-term, but I’m going to give it my best.  Vote incentives will still be once-a-week deals, updated on Fridays.

Edit:  You know what?  I thought it over last night and decided maybe it would be best to stick to the original, Fridays only update schedule.  I’m picking up hours at work much faster than I thought I’d be, and I don’t think my buffer will last as long as I want it to if I double up on updates.  It’s better to update at the usual slow pace rather than to run out of pages completely.  There’ll still be an update on this upcoming Tuesday, though, just because I already have that set up and Comicpress tends to go a bit wonky on me if I go messing around with posting dates.  It’ll just be a little bonus page to get this part of the story done a bit faster. Then it’s back to business as usual.

Speaking of, this week’s vote incentive is a picture of Trini in a pretty little sundress, because why not.

I also updated the cast page a bit.  I split the supporting characters into two sections (Students and Staff), and added new faces to the list.  Like Don.

Progress towards the next bonus page: $5/$20

(And don’t forget to come back on Tuesday!)  😀