Yeah, just plunk a new memory right down in there.  I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Taking advantage of this week’s super easy page (yay for being lazy and recycling old art!), I’ve started working on some new stuff for the comic store — t-shirts!   (Actually, it’ll be for a secondary store, one with non-one-of-a-kind items, so it’s more like adding things to the store consortium.  I’ll figure that mess out later.)

This week’s vote incentive is a sneak peek at a couple designs that’ll be available (everyone must’ve seen the Insta-Gator coming), but I also wanted to ask if there’s anything specific that you guys would be interested in. Certain characters, quotes… bags, buttons, mousepads?  (Does anyone even use mousepads anymore?)  Anyway, open to any and all suggestions, so drop me a line if you’ve got ideas.  😀

Progress towards the next bonus page:  $5/$20

(Donate any amount of money by clicking the ‘donate’ button at the bottom of the page.  Each time we reach $20 in total donations, I’ll post another bonus page of extra story.)