Partially inspired by my hatred of getting up when it’s still night. Guh.

For a while I was toying with the idea of doing a little bit more with the twins before we move on.  Specifically how and what they eat. But, nah… We’ll save that for another time. 😉

No vote incentive this week (sorry guys!) but it’d be great if you’d vote anyways. Work (and some rather vigorous spring cleaning) ate my time and I just didn’t get around to it. Next week’s will be rather epic, rest assured. My boyfriend requested Ten riding a velociraptor and that’s just going to have to happen.

Good news is I’ve got the beginnings of what I’m calling the “mass-produce-it” store up and running. T-shirts, mugs, etc available. It’s a little odd because it features mostly background characters at the moment and there aren’t that many designs, but I figure what the hell. If I waited for it to be finished to show you guys, you’d never see it. That said, I’m still looking for input as to what you might be interested in seeing in there. Ten and the rest of the main cast are surprisingly hard for me to come up with good shirt designs for.

Anywho… nice and big so everyone can see it…


I’ll… do something about the sidebar store link soon. Two smaller banners, I imagine – one to each store.

Progress towards the next bonus page: $5/$20

(Donate any amount of money by clicking the ‘donate’ button at the bottom of the page. Each time we reach $20 in total donations, I’ll post another bonus page of extra story.)