Without use of the elevators the whole system pretty much breaks down.  Kinda like taking a college student and telling them they can only get to classes they can access without crossing any pavement.

This week’s vote incentive: a crazy little doodle that I’m going to fix and make into a magnet just because I can.  It’s… got nothing to do with anything, but I ran out of time/energy this week.  Hurray for not sleeping for two days!



Okay, now I’m gonna be a bit serious.  The renewal for this website domain is coming up in a couple months and (unfortuantely like almost everyone I know) I’m having financial problems right now.  Where-am-I-going-to-live-in-two-months sort of financial problems.  It’s stressing me out a bit, to put it mildly.  No matter what, I’m going to keep the site up and running because it helps keep me sane, but if I could get some help it would be amazing.

I was thinking of running an incentive to raise the $119.40 it’s going to cost me to renew the domain for another year.  I figure if that amount can be raised by the beginning of August, I’ll put out a short story (7 or 8 pages probably) about Ten’s childhood, featuring his sisters, his mom, and Jael.  And, if we don’t make it to the full renewal amount, I’ll break down whatever was donated into regular bonus pages  ($20 = 1 page, $40 = 2 pages, etc) as a slightly less grand thank you.

The button below sends any donations directly towards paying for the domain, so if you can give a little to help me keep the site running (it seems to be permanently set at a $10 minimum), I’d be very appreciative.  Thanks for reading!


Well… damn!  Less than 24 hours has passed and we’ve already met (and exceeded!) the amount I needed to raise to renew the domain!  Thank you so much!  I just can’t get over how amazing that is.  I have the best fans ever.   I’ll leave the button up, because why not, but if anyone wants to work further towards additional bonus pages, the yellow paypal donation button is the way to go.  We’re $10/$20 of the way to a new page.  🙂

Donate towards my web hosting bill!