Well, here we go.  We’ve arrived at the point where it becomes terribly evident that my anatomical drawing skills are… questionable at best.  Musculature?  What’s that?  Proper perspective?  Psh.  What can I do but quote one of my more favorite fanfiction authors:  “We tried, precious, we tried.”  XD

I ran out of time to do a proper vote incentive this week, so… random thing from the sketchbook!  It’s a concept sketch of one of the animals that lives on Kahmith.  I’ve gone through several versions, but I don’t like any of them enough to keep.  This one’s pretty close, but too pterodactyl-y for my liking.  I’ll work on it, but you get the idea of the critter.  Big, wingy, and dangerous.  It’s called the shau-tasok, which translates as “winged death”.

I also have a shiny new bonus page for you guys, featuring Jael and Trini as requested.  I figured it’d be nice to see this side of their relationship.  Y’know… when Ten isn’t around to be a loud, disruptive third wheel.

I’ll also have another bonus page for you next week because someone was nice enough to donate the full amount for one.  They haven’t messaged me back with any requests, so I’ll take them from the general audience.  🙂

Progress towards the next bonus page: $0/$20 (1 page owed)

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