No one escapes Security Don for long.  The guy sent to fetch Ten is named Chesh – he’s the security department’s unofficial second in command.  The easiest way to describe him is he’s a bit like Don, but nicer and far, far more level-headed.  Then again, most people are.

Speaking of security, as requested this week’s bonus page is all about our lovely neurotic security director and how he drifts through his day.  Never before have I drawn so much tired onto a single page.

I’m currently in the process of getting the bonus pages moved over to a subdomain so they can be navigated through and commented on like the regular pages can, but my domain provider is doing… something, and I can’t log in to start building the site yet.  And yes, I know there’s some code wizardry out there that would let me alter ComicPress to put multiple ‘stories’ on the same site, but I took a look at the instructions to do that, and I’m pretty sure I would be more likely to do some intense damage to the main comic than to edit and re-set up everything correctly.

TLDR:  The bonus pages will be less stupid to navigate through soon.  I’m working on fixing it in the most roundabout way ever.

This week’s vote incentive?  A photo!  (Yeah, I ran short on time again.)  I figured some of you might be interested in seeing a pair of busts I sometimes use if I feel like trying to draw characters correctly at weird angles.  Please excuse the vacant, soul-less eyes.

Progress towards the next bonus page: $0/$20 (2 page owed)

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