Questions. questions, oh does Don have questions.

Happy news!  I finally got around to doing a proper vote incentive this week, based around a song I like for Jovi.  And just because I could, I made it into a desktop (currently available in two background flavors) that you can use if the impulse strikes you.

Keeping up with the super productive week, I also have a brand spanking new bonus page for y’all.  There’s not much going on in it, but it sheds some light on what other, less friendly, subsets of the cast think about Ten and Jovi’s little this’n’that relationship.

Speaking of bonus pages, after I finish the last backlogged one I owe you guys, I’m going to have to put a temporary hold on them.  I’ll still take donations and keep tally of any accumulated pages I might owe, but I won’t have time to actually *draw* them until… August, maybe?

Part of it is I’ll need the extra time to draw that short story about Ten’s childhood, and the other piece is I’m going to be moving in a month so there’s a lot of work to do for that, including figuring out where I’m actually moving TO (fingers crossed for not under a bridge.)

OH!  And before I forget, my Etsy shop… not my brightest idea.  Live and learn.  The items are coming up for renewal in two days and I’d rather just put them on sale and see what goes.  So, if you want a hand painted picture, magnet set, or giant Malaiki plushie, head on over there before the 26th and pick them up on the cheap.  Prices are negotiable if you want to haggle lower.  Just shoot me an e-mail.  Anything that doesn’t sell… well, I have plans for them, but that’s for another time.

And as always…

Progress towards the next bonus page: $0/$20 (1 page owed)

(Donate any amount of money by clicking the ‘donate’ button at the bottom of the page. Each time we reach $20 in total donations, I’ll post another bonus page of extra story.)

Thanks for reading!