And so ends this particular little story arc.

Ten got to finally have a face to face talk with Don, Tattle got his/her wish to be there when Ten came in for questioning, and Don got absolutely nowhere with anything, but did get to ingest copious amounts of tea.

I figure this is a pretty good spot for me to leave off for a few weeks.

Two, in fact.  I’m putting the comic on a two week hiatus, so the next update will be August 3rd.

I’ve got so much going on right now, I really want to take a break.  Have a few days to kick back and enjoy summer, go to a friend’s wedding, work on some art projects that aren’t scheduled.

I also really, really want to work on some comic things that are going to take a bit of time.  Namely, revamping the way I handle the lighting.  I’ve been trying to reintegrate highlights and deeper shadows into the comic for a few weeks now, but there’s only so far that burn/dodge will take me (and burn/dodge is kinda lazy/crappy looking for what I’m trying to do anyway.)  So!  What I’m going to do is remake my color palette — Make sure everyone and everything has the same kind of lighting going on (as opposed to Ten’s brownish shading, the blueish shading I use for white things, and Kiva’s inexplicable green undertones.)  Don’t know how that happened exactly, but it’ll be fixed and the result should be a much prettier, more cohesive visual story.

I might also do a little minor tweaking of facial expressions and anatomy, but we’ll see.  If anything I’llt make the jaws a little less angular and give the eyes reflections.  Maybe make the hands a bit more… better?  There will be many experiments over these upcoming weeks.

The good news is that I’m not abandoning you guys during this time.  If anything, you’ll see more comic-related things than ever before because I’m going to be posting most of my drawing experiments as vote incentives.  As in on a daily basis!  New things every day, so be sure to vote!  I’m actually really looking forward to this.  There are lots of things I’ve wanted to draw that won’t come up in the story for a looong time, and various lighting changes to play with.  Mostly it’s about improving the comic because I have this vision in  my head of what I want it to look like and I think I know how to make it that way.  I just need time to sit down and do it.  Revamping the color palettes of a few dozen characters and even more background objects takes time y’know.  😉

I’m also hoping to use the time to make ads for Project Wonderful and finally start advertising my comic online.  So… maybe soon you’ll see some familiar faces around when you’re reading other comics.  😀

I know the big white banner off to the left is pretty visible, but I want to remind everyone about the art/writing contest.  You’ve got until August 2oth to enter.

Thanks for reading!


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