Nothing stops you in your tracks quite like unexpectedly seeing your best friend in a pair of undies decked out in hearts and flames.  PUT SOME REAL CLOTHES ON, TEN.

I also realized that the comic’s 6 year anniversary was on the 20th.  I thought it was the 26th.  Whoops!

Once I figured that one out, I began wracking my brain for a good vote incentive to celebrate and what I came up with is this:  Because 6 is an important number for the kilm, I’m going to break the fourth wall a little and open the characters up for questions.

The first six questions I get here in the comments will be answered truthfully by whichever character they’re directed at.  Any characters in the comic are fair game, but they can only answer questions that they would know the answers to at this point in the story.  

So y’know… something like “Ten, what is your favorite kind of icecream?”  Except that would be answered by “…What’s icecream?” so probably don’t ask that one.


1)  To Ten (and/or Jovi)- Do you guys have something going on or are you just friends? (reference to bonus page 8) – Chris

2)  To Kiva – Do you have any quirks or habits that you hide from others? Any guilty pleasures, or mementos that you keep close? – Accursed

3)  To Li and possibly La: Ten seeing you is clearly not expected… whatever you two are, has anyone else ever seen you? You don’t need to name names or anything, just curious as to how many laws of nature Ten seems to be breaking… – Rosque

4)  To Tattle, I don’t know how… I can’t prove it….but I’m sure its your fault. – Schubacca

5)  To Tattle: Why did you choose Ten to be your informant? – Neop

6)  I guess that’s to Jeal’ “what’s up with your ear?” – Geneseepaws


Once I get the questions lined up (and some time in which to draw things) you’ll have a shiny new vote incentive potentially full of secrets.


Questions answered!


CONTEST THINGS.  At this particular moment in time I’m still waiting to see if any more entries are going to sneak in before the deadline.  On the 24th I’m going to look through all the entries, most likely with the help of my fiance because judging is tricky.

New WBW bonus page to follow.


Progress towards the next bonus page: $1/$20  (1 paged owed.)

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