Don’s tirade mostly became a series of  half-completed sentences and loud angry screeches around minute 11, so no one really missed much.

This week kicked my ass all over the place so I’m very behind on the things I should have done by now.  On the plus side, my fiance had an awesome birthday party, I’m possibly picking up a second part time job, and I’m finally getting around to watching Dr. Who.

WBW page 3 will hopefully be up in the next 3 days or so, contest prizes to follow a few days after that.

For a vote incentive, have a look into the future!   OoooOOOOooo!  Actually, it’s just the sketches of the pages I meant to have done.


To distract from the lack of Shades content, have some other lovely comics!  I added these four to the links page and they’re all good reads.

Antics is a comic that I can’t really explain why I like.  I just do.  The humor and the art remind me vaguely of Adventure Time, so if you like that you’ll probably like Antics.  Also there’s alt text.

Geneseepaws recommended The Fox Sister to me a little while ago.  It’s a beautifully drawn comic a deals with a would be (could be, maybe?) couple and a clash of religions.  Not to give spoilers or anything, but there’s also a fox.

I happened across Grayscale completely randomly.  It just happened to be a randomly featured comic on one of the ranking sites, and I’m glad to have stumbled across it.  The story so far is interesting (if not a little disturbing) and the artwork is very nice, especially the expressions.  If you like shapeshifters it’s a good one to add to your reading list.

Aaand finally, Wizard School.  I’d call it a NSFW comic, but not grossly so.  Basically it’s about what you would expect in the Harry Potter universe if Harry was replaced with an amoral, 30-something year old man with a thing for drugs and hookers, but everything else stays the same.

Thanks for reading!


Progress towards the next bonus page: $1/$20 (1 paged owed.)

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