Leave it to Jael to gracefully bow out of an awkward social situation by means of sheer disinterest.  He’s probably got a better, cooler party to go to.

That girl right there is Min, by the way.  She’s popped into pages a few times before, but this is the first time she’s been named.  Yep, Min.  Took me a good 20 minutes to settle on that, too.  Just staring at my alphabet page, thinking, “Hell, what can I do that doesn’t end in an ‘a’?”  Mmmmiiiiin.

I’ve also got a new WBW bonus page for y’all.  I was sorta kinda dragging my feet on it because I really didn’t want to go through the process of redrawing the fridge and all the crap on the fridge twice, but then my boyfriend went and pointed out that copy/paste existed.  Things went much quicker after that.  Also, covering things up with word bubbles is super effective.

I should have a new vote incentive up in the next day or two.  My behind-on-everything streak continues!  Huzzah!

EDIT:  The new vote incentive is up.  It’s a little preview of the prizes for two of the art contest winners: the magnets before they get turned into proper magnets.  And I only screwed up and had to redraw one of them!  A new record!


Progress towards the next bonus page: $11/$20 (3 pages owed.)

(Donate any amount of money by clicking the ‘donate’ button in the left sidebar. Each time we reach $20 in total donations, I’ll post another bonus page of extra story.)