Aaaargh.  I’m very sorry about the late update guys.  Especially so because it’s just a one panel deal.

What happened is I work in a bake shop run by about 6 people.  This last week a resignation, a vacation, and a hospital visit resulted in me and two other people attempting to keep the place running all by ourselves.  I got looots of hours, but each night I crashed when I got home.  Photoshop was not a thing that happened.  Also, there was a wedding to go to.

Since I’m so very behind and still pretty exhausted (and really really hoping they don’t call me in on my day off tomorrow) I think I’m going to skip next week’s update and just get some rest.  And get caught up a bit after I do that.

Okay, so about this page.

These are most of the people that live in Ten’s building.  For a full, comprehensive, and very old ink & pencil do-up of where everyone is in the building, check out the vote incentive.  I labored over it intensely several years ago and just finished filling in the names a few days ago.

Starting in the bottom left corner and moving in a wobbly counter-clockwise pattern we have:

Lena: 2nd year, the most obsessed with Malaiki in the building.  Very talkative.

Chana: 5th year, resident of the room in question.  Lives spartanly out of laziness.  She hates the hassle of moving.

Kana: 2nd year, quiet and sweet.  Lena’s best friend.

Mari (Pronounced like Marie, not Mary): 4th year, outdoorsy and occasional silent partner in crime when someone unwelcome unexpectedly drops by Ten’s room.  They only tried to lower Malaiki out the window on a rope the one time.

Zeri: 3rd year, big movie buff and to a lesser extent, gamer.

Torith: 2nd year, athletic, nice, just recently started dating Desa.

Desa: 2nd year, loves music, wants to be a dancer, just recently started dating Torith.


Everyone here has shown up one way or another on previous pages except for Chana.  It was fun hunting them all down to draw them again here, but also a little nerve-wracking because occasionally I’d forget who was who and who was already accounted for and suddenly be missing a person, or have one too many.  Part of the problem may have been my attempts to somehow split Mari into two people.  Whoopsies.

Anyway, I’ll have a new page (hopefully a bonus page as well) for you guys in a week and a half.

Thanks for reading!


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