Ten’s skipped several meals now (and I don’t think that mystery bar from last night counts for much).  Of course, he has plenty of food stashed away in his room.  It just doesn’t always occur to him that he should eat it.

And really, someone else’s food always tastes better anyway.

This week’s vote incentive was a toss up between a doodle of a new character that won’t show up for a long, long time, or Ten running around in a ridiculously long scarf.  Guess which one won.

The next WBW bonus page will be up… soon…ish.  At the moment I’m about halfway through inking it, so I’m shooting for late Friday, late Saturday maybe.  If you guys haven’t noticed by now, I’m fairly terrible at gauging time (and distance… size… all things, really.)  In any case, I’ll post an update here when it’s done.

EDIT:  WBW page 4 is up!  Sorry it took longer than I hoped.  I kept going back to add more details in and change colors and suddenly it was Sunday.  ^_^’


Progress towards the next bonus page: $11/$20 (3 pages owed.)

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