ALRIGHTY, the page that should have been up a week ago is finally here.  Sorry again guys… life and such.  We should be fine now (knock on wood.)

Here we have the last of the denizens of dorm K3.  San is the vocal one in front,  Eron’s the short guy in the back, and of course we all know Jovi.


This week’s vote incentive is a sketch of Ten and his sisters and proof that Ten’s abysmal art skills transfer over to pumpkins. (Yes this includes Halloween 2009.  You didn’t see the other side of that pumpkin.) Why a sketch?  The Walking Dead book 8 came in today.  A proper inked and colored version will be up soon now.  The pretty colored version is now up.  And Kim once again narrowly avoided having a partial heterochromia.  Like, by a hair.

Fun fact: At one point I had a picture of Ten’s whole family drawn out, but have apparently misplaced the sketchbook it was in sometime during the move.  Whatever ear notch and earring combination Kim had before, they’ve now been overridden by this version of her.


Progress towards the next bonus page: $11/$20 (3 pages owed.)

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