Okay, I got some ‘splainin’ to do on this one.

First thing, binder pills. They’re kind of the equivalent of giving someone charcoal when they ingest something bad, except there’s no puking up black stuff. The pill is designed to absorb rapidly into the bloodstream and bind to pretty much anything that hasn’t been produced by the body so that it can’t be absorbed into the cells. The downside is it takes out blood borne nutrients that might be in there too, so it’s not good to take the pills on any sort of regular basis.

TLDR: Binder pills = the cheater’s way to quick sobriety.

Second thing, ear stroking.

I think I’ve mentioned it a few times before, but I’m going to actually go into some detail with it here.  Kilm ears are highly sensitive.  They’re easily hurt, but on the flip side they’re also highly receptive to pleasurable sensations.  (Hm… I could’ve sworn this has come up more, but those were the only three examples I could find of someone interacting with someone else’s ears.)

Aaanyway, ear stroking is a very relaxing, pleasurable thing.  It’s also extremely intimate.  Not necessarily only in a romantic way, mind you.  It’s completely normal for parents to stroke their children’s ears to calm them down.  It also happens to a lesser extent between siblings, and sometimes very close friends.

Around Ten’s age it starts shifting away from something that happens between family members (his mom and his sisters used to stroke his ears all the time when he was little to make him feel safe and loved when he was having a bad day) to something you see more between romantic partners.

In other news, WBW page 5 is up!  I know it’s been forever, but I’m going to make a huge effort to get the last two pages of it up over the next two weeks so I can get back on track with all those other bonus pages I owe you guys.

A new vote incentive should be up very soon.  Holidays and such.

This week’s vote incentive is another little sketch of drunk, giggly Ten, because he’s adorable when inebriated.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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