And the panic begins to creep in…

This week’s vote incentive is a slight edit of the first panel for all you Jovi/Ten shippers out there.  After last week’s comments, I have to tell you it’s really, really awesome that there are people out there shipping my characters.  It makes me break out into a big stupid smile every time I think of it.  Also, I can’t quite get the image of actual SHIPS out of my mind.

The next bonus page is going to be slightly delayed for holiday-related reasons.  It should be up sometime during the weekend.  Sorry ’bout that.

EDIT:  You know what’s really good for catching up on comics?  Not sleeping!  Thanks, brain, for the inexplicable insomnia and the resulting extra hours to do things in!  Bonus page 12 is up, and while it doesn’t contain much (or really any) action, it’s an important emotional turning point.  Because we need more of those right now, right?  Also, yay!  I finally got caught up on all the backlogged pages!  Woohoo!


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