I struggled with the wording on this one, I really did.

I ended up cutting out the bit where Ten compared noticing attractive people to noticing pretty architectural features on buildings for all the feeling behind it for him.  And boy am I unversed on the subject, but I was attempting to convey this in a way other than Ten going “I’m asexual!” because that’s occurred to him as an option and that’s not quite it.  There’s a bit more to it.

Also, this is the first time I’ve drawn any depiction of Kim’s girlfriend.  I should probably figure out what her name is soon…

A new vote incentive is coming… probably tomorrow.  This week got away from me.  Good news is I’m moved into my new home (huzzah!), most of the important stuff is put away, and I learned something about how to put up drywall.

EDIT: This week’s new vote incentive is something a bit more lighthearted and silly because there’s never a bad time for Tattle shenanigans.  


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