There’s nothing quite like a teenager’s first romantic trip-up.

Angst.  Angst and indecision EVERYWHERE.

These last few pages have been rather rough on Ten, so for this week’s vote incentive I did sketch of him doing something he loves.  Happy thoughts, happy thoughts.

I’ve also got another bonus page… almost done.  I’m in the middle of coloring it, so I should have it up by later tonight.  Check back soon.  🙂

EDIT:  For this week’s bonus page, the ‘prompt’ was secondary characters, with interest in the teachers, the security staff, or Jajij and Kal.  So, naturally my brain excised the ‘or’, replaced it with ‘and’, and this little scenario played out.  What were Jajij and Kal even doing?  Who knows.  All I know is I had fun with expressions.


Okay guys, I need your help!

Remember last year when I did a short 8 page story as an incentive to raise money to fund the site?  (Remember how it took me forever to finish it?)  Well, I was wondering…

1) Is there any interest in doing a similar thing this year?  (If no, I’m open to other suggestions.)

2) If yes, I have three different stories in mind and damn if I can make up my mind which one to go with and I need some help choosing.  I was going to make an actual poll for the sidebar, but there were complications so this is going to be a “Tell me in the comments” thing.

The options:

  1. A story about Ten and his family that takes place before he leaves for his pilot training.  Just a light-hearted family thing… and the joys of having a giant red reptilian house guest in a tiny apartment.
  2. A story featuring Ten, Jael, and some of Jael’s cohorts on the station.  This one incorporates two little side stories I was going to do but ended up scrapping in favor of moving the main story along.
  3. A story dealing with a side of Tattle and his students we haven’t seen before.  This one’s darker than the other two but sheds a small bit of light on their pasts and their home world.  Also featured: a whole pile of the station’s staff!

So, tell me your thoughts in the comments below.  Whichever option gets the most votes gets drawn.  I’m figuring this out waaay ahead of time so I can have things done and ready to be posted in a timely manner.  Learning!


Progress towards the next bonus page: $5/$20

(Donate any amount of money by clicking the ‘donate’ button in the left sidebar. Each time we reach $20 in total donations, I’ll post another bonus page of extra story.)