That’s right, Ten.  You left some of your stuff in the other room.  Good job.

This page is a little short because we’re transitioning into a new bit of the story … one that has humor and smiles in it again!  I’m stoked.  I miss drawing happy Ten.

This week’s vote incentive is courtesy of my fiance, Luke.  Jael came up in conversation and I was explaining the trifecta of why he’s so screwed up, but zoned out and trailed off after “drugs.”  Luke of course finished the thought with “sex and rock & roll?”  And thus

If you haven’t cast your vote for which short story you’d like (and possibly your second choice in case two stories end up happening), go back a page and let me know what you want!  I’m going to give it another week and then tally things up and get to drawing.

Oh, and check it out.  I added a button over to the left to make it easier to get to the bonus pages.  Convenience for all!


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