And now we’re caught up with where bonus page 12 left off.

This has been a super busy week for me, so I didn’t quite have time to do a vote incentive.  Instead, please enjoy some really really old concept art I did back in the days of the comic’s original style.

It’s going to be a little while until I launch the site’s fundraiser, but I’m going to start drawing the incentive for it very soon.  The most popular story choice by far was #1 – featuring Ten and some of his family not long before he set out for his training on the station.  It’ll be a cute little tale to tell, too.  Exploring how Rion’s boyfriend fits in with the rest of the family should be fun.  XD  If it comes up that a second “thank you” story is called for, it’ll be #2 – featuring some of the misadventures Jael and Ten have on the station, with a smattering of Malaiki’s trouble-making thrown in.

Truth be told I’m a little disappointed that Tattle’s story didn’t get more votes, but that’s all right.  It may happen later, but the story will still be told eventually.

“What is true of individuals is also true of societies; they too can become insane…”


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