You know how whenever I get asked about the kilms’ stance on homosexuality, I always qualify it as something that mostly everyone is okay with?  Here’s the other side of “mostly”.

For this week’s vote incentive, enjoy some vaguely Easter-ish Ten!  He’s got flowers anyway.

I also want to draw your attention to two great comics I’ve been reading lately.  They’re both short (aka easy to catch up on!) and beautifully illustrated.

The first is Ava’s Demon, suggested to me by SRES a while ago (Thank you!  I meant to post this up ages ago!)  It’s a panel-at-a-time sort of comic, but it’s great so far and just so pretty.  Plus it occasionally has little animated shorts between chapters!

The second is Mystery Babylon, which has nice professional-looking artwork and probably the best paced plot and dialogue I’ve ever come across.


There’s something different down here today!  Gasp!

I’m thinking of changing how I handle the whole donation/bonus page thing.  Up until now it’s been $20 of total donations = a bonus page.  In theory, not bad.  In practice, it tends to be long stretches of nothing broken up by small bursts of “omigod I suddenly have multiple pages to do and I’m behind on all these things aaaahhh”.

Instead, I’m thinking I might start posting the occasional bonus page when I have the time to do so, and just take the donations as straight up “hey I like your comic” donations.  I can space out bonus pages better that way, and more importantly it’ll make it easier to put out short stories because, man do I have a lot of those to tell.  (Seriously… at least 7 more besides the 3 I mentioned a few pages back.)

So, unless there’s a massive outcry against it, I’m going to retire the whole $20 = bonus page routine and go with the new plan.

Oh, though that does change the whole “short story incentive to raise funds for hosting the site” thing, doesn’t it?  Ah well.  I suppose I’ll just flood you guys with fun stories anyway and trust things will work out in the end.  🙂