I actually wrote out and translated a entire short procedure list about how to use the tracking wristbands for that poster in the first panel.  Then I only ended up using the last third of it.  Oh well.

This has been a pretty terrible week for me, so I didn’t get to do a proper vote incentive.  Instead, enjoy a few doodles of Kiva from my sketchbook.

A few minor changes to the site:

I updated the Support the Comic page so the commission section was better explained and nicer looking, and I also fiddled with the donation section a bit.  Under the Extras page I deleted the page that popped up when you click on the Bonus Pages image.  Now it just takes you right to them.


EDIT:  I apologize  but there’s not going to be a comic update for this upcoming Friday (4/12).  There’s been a pretty big medical crisis in my family.  My dad’s in the hospital, and while he pulled through from his surgery and the doctors are starting to be more and more positive about his prognosis, my head’s just not in a good space right now, certainly not one that makes me want to draw.  I’ll try to have something for the following week (4/19).

Thank you for reading.