I want to thank you guys for all the warm wishes and thoughts for my family, and for being so understanding these past few weeks.  My dad’s doing a lot better… he’s out of the hospital and staying in a rehab facility at the moment.  He keeps getting better every day and we’re hopeful he’ll be able to go home very soon.

So, crisis over, the comic is back on schedule and is picking up on everyone’s first day back after their unexpected mini vacation.  Some time off does wonders.

Drawing your attention to the fanart section, geneseepaws sent me a lovely picture for my birthday.  Thank you, genesee!

For this week’s vote incentive, I did a little animation concept drawing of Ten.  Simpler shading, less color layers, etc.  It’s something I think about every now and again.  I’d love to do short animations for the comic.  It’d be lots of fun to actually get to see these guys in motion (and learn how to animate :P)… but… then reality smacks me in the face and reminds me I have other things to do.  🙁  I’m hoping I might find some time to start fiddling with some simple rough animations this summer and try to work my way up from there.

In the meantime, I’m gonna look really hard at this drawing and wonder if maybe this wouldn’t be a better shading style for the comic.  Quicker and cleaner vs. detailed, looser, more time consuming.  Hrm.