Thaaat thing.  Anyone remember that?  It’s been a while for us (so much has happened!) but it’s only been a few days in the story since Ten was given that chip.

It’s also time to kick off Shades’ second short story, “Family Is...”  I’m super excited.  It has some of the most adorable drawings of Ten in it ever.  😀  AND I’m sketching the whole thing out ahead of time, so I should (knock on wood) have no problem keeping up with weekly updates of it until it’s finished.

Switching tracks slightly…

Some of you might remember me having a donation drive around this time last year to pay for another year of domain hosting costs for this site.  It’s the same song and dance this year:  I plan on keeping the comic running no matter what, but any help anyone wants to give would be amazing and greatly appreciated.

It costs $119.40 to host the site yearly.  There’s still a little extra left over from last year’s donations, so this year the goal is to raise $116.47.

If you’d like to help offset Shades’ hosting costs, you can use this link here:Donate towards my web hosting bill!

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Thank you all so much for reading, commenting, and supporting this comic in all the ways you do.  The support you guys give is amazing and helps more than you’ll ever know.  ♥♥♥


Hahah, oops!  Almost forgot the vote incentive.  We just recently were given an old N64 and some games, including Pokemon Snap.  Oh my god.  I completely forgot how much fun that game is.  Just… how is something that simple and featuring such poor graphics so addictive and fun?  I don’t even…  This sketch (with Ten and Kiva inserted to make it relevant!) is a fairly accurate portrayal of how my fiance and I have been spending a decent chunk of our together time since we got the game.  Aw Mew.