Lucky hoodie time!

The first page of “Family Is…” is up and opens up the arc with a page full of yelling and screaming.  Ah, siblings.

I made this week’s vote incentive the floor plan sketch of Ten’s childhood home, just in case anyone was interested in the  layout.  It’s not quite to scale, but it gives the general idea.

I want to give a big thank you to the people who have contributed to the domain renewal fundraiser so far for their kindness and generosity.  You guys rock!  The site is just $32 of being fully hosted for another year, which is great news!  I’m going to keep the donation button in the comments section for a while longer just in case anyone else would like to help out.

Thank you so much for reading, everyone!

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EDIT:  Oh, I also forgot to mention that after getting asked the same question by a few different people, I amended the FAQ page to include a bit about how the Altair academy is run and what its purpose is.  The new part is right under the picture of the station.