This page is supposed to be super dark but if all you can make out are the word bubbles, pipe up and I’ll lighten things up a bit.

The round thingy in the second panel is a little cleaner bot.  I’ve been meaning to include them before, but it’s just never come up.  There’s a whole pile of them around the station taking care of menial janitorial duties like picking up litter and trying to keep sand out of the buildings.  When they’re working or crossing terrain they can’t roll over, they unfold to reveal all sorts of useful tools and legs and stuff.

They also make handy kickballs in a pinch.

This week’s bonus page is up, too.  It has colors and words.  Check it out.

A new vote incentive will be up sometime this weekend.

This week’s vote incentive is a look at three new banner ads that will be making their way onto the internet soon.  Getting better at sketching on the computer!  Yay!