Technically there’s no such thing as sunrise on the station.  Or… y’know… it occurs roughly every 1.25 minutes because of the station’s rotation.  Whichever way you want to think about it.

The ‘thank you wallpaper’ and (hopefully) a vote incentive should be up tomorrow, further complications notwithstanding.

Most of my drawing time today got eaten by a ridiculously long wait at a doctor’s office for the simplest of tests that would have been over in literally 30 seconds if my body didn’t suddenly decide that it wanted to hold onto ALL of its liquid for the foreseeable future.

On the plus side, I get to start a new and better job soon!  Yaaay!


EDIT:  Okay, here’s a new desktop for you all!  I had originally planned on doing a big group shot of the more important Year One characters, but while I was sketching this popped up and I ended up liking this idea a lot more.  (We’ll just hold onto that awesome group shot idea for a bit later. 😉 )  This is just a simple drawing of Ten and Malaiki:  The two first characters in the comic (even if Malaiki happened to be packed up in a bag at the time.)

ten and malaiki wall

And for a vote incentive, have one of the failed group sketches.  The original idea was to have everyone just doing their own thing with Ten in the middle, eyes closed and just enjoying their company.  This particular drawing only got as far as Ten and Jael, but I still kind of like it.