See, it’s a play on words because the comic’s going on hiatus.  Hahhh…

I really hate doing this, especially right around the 7 year anniversary, but I’ve thought about it for a while and I feel it’s what’s best.

What’s going on is this tangle of time-consuming issues.

I’m looking at moving sometime in the next month or so.  Assuming that our offer on a house gets accepted.  Fingers crossed.  But assuming the house thing goes through, it needs some work done on it before the whole moving song and dance happens.

Simultaneously, I’ve got the new job starting up, which requires I attend a slew of training classes while I’m still plugging away at my regular job.

That and a few other issues just makes trying to maintain the regular schedule seem a bit insane at the moment.  I know it’s a crazy long time, but I’m going to say the comic is going to be on hiatus for roughly 6 weeks.  Maybe longer, hopefully shorter.  It all depends on how this housing thing goes and how quickly I can swap over to my new job.


THE GOOD NEWS.  The good news is I’m NOT going to stop working on things.  I’ll try to post new content of some sort from time to time you you guys will have something to look at in the meantime.  I’ll try to add to the desktop section of the site.  And, hopefully, I’ll have something really, really neat that I’ve been kinda-sorta working on for a long time up and running for the return of the comic.  That’s the plan.

I’m also going to go ahead with the fun semi-breaking of the fourth wall birthday thing I had planned.  Same deal as last year for those of you who remember.  🙂  It’s not quite the seven year mark but… eh.  It’s August.  Close enough.

So, here are the rules:

The first seven questions I get here in the comments will be answered truthfully by whichever character they’re directed at.  Any characters in the comic are fair game, but they can only answer questions that they would know the answers to at this point in the story.  One question per person, please.

You check out last year’s Q&A here.


1)  To Ten- Wouldn’t it be a bit frustrating for someone with six fingers (and as mechanically inclined as you seem to be) if they were to constantly use tools, work keyboards, ect? — oom-9

2)  To Security Don: What is the absolute worst prank/illegal activity someone has pulled/committed while you’ve been employed at the station? — Xznon1

3)  To Tatith – Why are elbow spikes not used in the physical combat styles shown? I would expect something closer to muay thai to take advantage of having built in deadly spikes coming out of your elbow instead of a blunted punch. — Claije

4)  To Ten, has Iskimy ever accidentally tickled you until you really did wet yourself, if so- how did he react and/or make it up to you? Alternately (if that’s too embarrassing for Ten) , to Iskimy, would you tell us a little about yourself and/or how you met Rion? Finally, for whatever gets answered (and for an awesomely enjoyable comic!), Thank you much. — theobservantwolf

5)  To Tattle: Well we know Don keeps some files on you, so what are some of his more interesting theories about you? – EvilOverlord

6)  To Jovi: Is Ten the First guy you’ve kissed, so like are you still green or is Ten just one of several and the one you have wanted the most?
or it that’s too much/ too personal to tell, are there other Gay Kilmi on Station that you are budds with? — geneseepaws

7) To Admiral Maev – This has been bothering me for a while. Tattle mentioned you seem to really like Ten. Why is that? — caanthedalek



To catch your eye.  

Rather than putting up a bunch of hiatus pages and then having to decide between deleting them once the story picks back up and losing all the wonderful comments/conversations, or leaving them up and having an awkward jumble of non-story in the middle of everything, I’m electing to just have this ONE page and periodically tack on little updates at the bottom.  Heh, see who notices.  XD

So, update for 8/16/13.

Still working on the 7 questions.  I’m about halfway done, but I’m not going to make any guesses about when exactly it’ll be completed.  Soon, though.  Soon-ish.  I’ll have it up as a new vote incentive as soon as I finish it.

Speaking of things, there are some updates to the Fanart page!  Jake submitted an edited picture (sorry it took so long to post!), and Geneseepaws very kindly sent me a fanfiction as a gift to post.  It’s a continuation of his story about Helm and Muss, though it has some adult themes to it, so consider yourselves warned.  Thanks for the awesome submissions, guys! 🙂

And on a more personal note, WE GOT THE HOUSE!  Woohoo!  😀

Now begins the fun part of getting everything checked out and cleaned up so we can move in… hopefully within a couple weeks.  The new job is also coming along nicely.  Working on classes and certifications and whatnot.  It’s just going to be a busy two weeks while I’m finishing up at my old job and starting the new one.  But seriously, everything’s going as well as could be hoped, and once I’m down to one job again I’ll be able to be more active with things here. And then there will be new pages again, promise.

Thanks for reading, everyone.  🙂


8/18/13 – Added a “version 2” of the photo edit by jake onto the Fanart page.  Thanks, jake!


8/24/13 – But just barely.  Juuuust ticked over past midnight.

Okay, so I finished “7 years 7 questions.”  It’s up as the latest vote incentive and also on DA so you can comment/ask questions on it directly if you want to.  Surprisingly Maev’s answer ended up being the most ominous of the bunch.  At least to my mind.  But the whole thing was a fun little exercise, even if none of the characters really had to do any creative word-dancing to avoid giving away anything important.  (I don’t know whether to be a disappointed or relieved that Melkior’s question about Tattle didn’t make the cut.  Tattle would have had to do some fancy dancing there, haha.)

Very soon I should start having time to put into the comic again.  This weekend marks the end of my working two jobs.  This Saturday (or possibly Sunday) is my last day as a cake decorator, and while I’ll probably miss doing that somewhat, it’s going to be amazing having days off again.

You don’t understand how psyched I am at the prospect of having time to sit down and draw again.  Just… oh my god, drawing.

And thank you everyone, for the congrats on the house!  Things are moving slowly along with that.  We’re waiting on the well to be tested, but after that finally goes through it (hopefully) shouldn’t be long until we can start the moving process proper.  At least it’ll be in the fall, too.  Much better than moving in the winter or summer.  And for the first time in years, we’ll be able to cater to the trick-or-treaters!  I’m pretty excited about that, too! XD

EDIT:  I forgot to mention that geneseepaws is looking for critiques/constructive criticism on his stories on the fanart page.  If anyone is inclined to help him out on that, it’d be appreciated, I’m sure. 🙂


9/1/13 – Hey guys!  Just a little update so you won’t think I’ve died. XD

Things are going slow over here, but there’s progress.  The new job is going well and we should have the keys to our new house by Thursday.  There’s some plumbing work and cleaning to do, but we’re hoping to be fully moved in around mid-month.  That’s the nice thing about only moving across town – we can work on things bit by bit rather than having to do it all at once.

I’m fitting in drawing time when I can, working on the next page and sketches to keep in practice.  I’m also pretty confident that I’ll be able to have a huge surprise for you guys when the comic comes back from hiatus.  One that’s been long overdue.

For now, here’s a doodle of Jovi looking oh so pleased to be dressed up in Desert Tribe garb.

jovi desert garb


Thanks for hanging in there!


9/9/13 – Ugh, apparently there are some issues with the new ComicPress update so the site is a bit off and the pages themselves are temporarily unavailable.  Hoping like hell they release a patch to fix it soon.  Sorry, guys.


9/10/13 – Okay, I got it sort of back up.  There’s still some tweaking and adjustments to do, but the comic pages are viewable again at least.

EDIT:  Totally managed to forget to mention in both updates that the issues were with the bonus page site, not the main one.  Haha, whoops.  But yeah, it’s working again… just a little weird-looking in spots.


9/16/13 – Well… there have been some delays with the moving process.  It turns out the place we’re moving into has significantly more problems than we were made aware of when we agreed to move in.  Like… rip-out-the -entire-bathroom-and-install-all-new-everythings and replace-the-ceilings-in-at-least-two-rooms sort of problems. (Luckily it’s the landlord paying for all that, not us.)   But seriously, I don’t understand how anyone could let a house fall into that kind of condition.  I mean, goddamn.   I almost feel like I should’ve taken a picture of the stove of horrors that got pulled out of the kitchen, just to share with you guys.  We’re pretty sure something had been living in it.

Needless to say, our moving date is no longer mid- to late-September.  It’s flat out in the realm of “Who the hell knows” at this point.  I’m hoping for October.  Really, really hoping.

Speaking of dates, I’ve had a few e-mails lately asking when the comic is going to come back.  Don’t worry guys, it’s soon.  I was hoping to have the moving all done before I started updating again, but since that’s up in the air I suppose I should pick a return date.  I’ve been saying the first week of October, but let’s nail that down a bit more solidly to Friday October 4th.  I’m fairly confident I can finish up all the things I’ve set out to do by then.

For now, here’s a little something to look at.  🙂

Anika and Vivan baby(And does anyone know if Drunk Duck is still around?)


9/27/13 – Okay, guys… one week until the hiatus is over and the comic returns!  Woohoo!

In the meantime, there’s a new story installment from Geneseepaws.  Read it here and maybe leave some constructive criticism for him if you have a chance.  Thanks again for the story, Genesee!  😀


9/29/13 – There are two more stories in the fanart section.  One by Geneseepaws and one by Palantean Writer.  They both center on Geneesee’s characters Tanant and Muss.  Go check them out!