Oh my god, hi guys!  I missed you!

Thanks so much for sticking around through the crazy long hiatus.  It allowed me to get a whole lot done and settle into a new job.  Ironically the main reason I took the time off (to move) still hasn’t happened, but that’s okay.  It’ll get done.

I want to say a very special thank you to everyone who was kind enough to send me stories and emails during the break.  You guys really helped keep my spirits up when I was getting slammed with a bunch of stuff all at once.  It really made my day each time I saw something new in my inbox.  🙂  So, if you haven’t seen them already, head over to the fanart section and check out the new fan fictions written by Geneseepaws and The Palantean Writer.  There’s a bunch of them!

Now on to regular news.

I’m happy to announce that the comic has returned and will resume its normal updating schedule.  And just in time for a brand new story arc, too!

Aaand, without further ado, here’s the big surprise I promised you guys.  It’s been a really, really long time coming, but it’s finally here:

banner short

Yeah, that’s right!  The companion comic is up!  And in addition to the comic, it’s going to have a pretty large collection of Kahmithian myths and a running list of all the spirits and gods found in them.  At the moment there’s just a few of each to get things started, but I plan on adding to those sections regularly.

And if you’re wondering how many spirits there could possibly be to add to the list, the answer is quite a few.

There’s still a bit of tweaking to do on it, but if you spot any bugs or problems shoot me an e-mail so I can fix it. I’m also open to suggestions if you think it’s missing something!