All of these things are things that aren’t banned by the academy so I don’t know why they were there, except maybe Don just hates fun, which now that I think of it is a pretty likely explanation, I mean have you seen the guy?  He clearly hates fun and joy and…. everything, which is why he confiscates EVERYTHING!  Seriously, who takes away someone’s potted plant?  It’s not like it was doing anything to anyone, but there it was, with all sorts of other totally harmless stuff.  But back to my main point, which was…. um… what was I saying?


So I’ve got some cool stuff for you guys this week!

First off, there’s some new fanart from Neoscottie.  Be sure to check out their DA page if you’re a fan of awesome artwork.  Thanks again for the drawing, Neoscottie! 😀

I also had a request a few weeks ago for a kilm soldier, so that’s this week’s vote incentive.  I even did you one better and gave you Jovi’s eldest brother, Nash, who looks pretty similar to Jovi except for a darker skin tone, a slightly more muscular build, and a decent collection of combat scars.  Kilm soldier uniforms can vary pretty drastically depending on what sort of environment they need to be modified for, but this is about what they start off looking like.

If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out Comic Creators for Freedom, which is running their fundraiser until Saturday the 14th.  It’s a great cause and if you donate you get a nifty desktop!