Basically what he said to Jajij back on 273, but more concise and sane.

When I was figuring out the party plan, I ended up with all sorts of ideas for what it would be like and how they would get there.  Up until the end, I nearly had everyone travelling to the party via the maintenance shafts instead of just taking the elevators.  I nixed that idea when I realized the insane distance and how long it would probably take someone to traverse the literally miles of ladders and tunnels on foot.

The party location also bounced between one of the ship’s large emergency bunkers (located in the “basement” of the Residential Rings, and therefore easier to get to), and a rest area in the Garden Ring that would have some basic structures like bathrooms, benches, tables, and running water.  In the end, I went with neither and had Ten schlep all the party stuff to a clearing in the middle of the forest.  Much less likely an unexpected guest will stumble upon it that way.

Oh, the ways this could’ve gone differently…

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