And now it’s party time!  😀

I’m so excited for this, but also regretting it HARD because there are soooo many people to draw. XD  But it’s gonna be good.

I know some screens don’t deal well with the dark panels, so this week’s vote incentive is a cleaned up version of the big panel with the dark layer taken off.

AND I have a new Ixion myth up.  I meant to have two, but this one ran longer than the others, so I’ll have to work the second one in later this week.  In any case, The Two Sisters is my new favorite of the small collection.  It takes place later on than the others, so it focuses more on kilm characters than supernatural ones.


EDIT: Okay, the second Ixion myth I promised is up.  It’s rather short, but it’s a lot more lighthearted than the previous myth.  Accursed asked if there were any stories of divinely inspired intervention, as we have with things like Prometheus or the Muses.  While there a a bunch of little stories I could tell, mostly dealing with Sakar and his bunch, they either aren’t that interesting or that kind.  So rather than tell a predictable short story about a kilm begging for talent or inspiration off of a spirit, I decided to write about The Spirit Caravan in what may almost be considered a cautionary tale.

As with all things pertaining to the spirits, nothing comes without a price.


EDIT II:  A new vote incentive is up.  Kiva doesn’t do parties.