What’s the look for, Ten?  It’s not like Tattle knew that you were trying to put together a giant illegal party for months but were lacking the means to do so, and then orchestrated a flimsy pretext to give you exactly what you needed so as to get all of the station’s trouble makers together in one spot for some unknown and troubling reason.  Nooooo, that’s just crazy talk.

Welcome new readers!  And continuing readers!  Everybody!

I know I’ve been rather quiet in the comments section lately, but behind the scenes things are craaa-zy.  This is a really exciting time.  A lot is about to happen, both story-wise and with the making of the comic itself.  SURPRISES EVERYWHERE!  But!  I don’t want to give away too much yet.  At the moment I’m still getting all my ducks in a row, but very soon there will be all sorts of neat stuff going on.  Stuff involving some professional quality comic merchandise and a change to the update schedule that’ll speed the story up, perhaps.  Maybe even a contest for some sweet prizes.  Who’s to say?  Aside from some (hopefully, please, I just want to see grass again) melting snow, March and April bring all sorts of great things. 😉

In other news, there’s a new picture edit by jake to check out in the fanart section.  Thanks, jake!

And this week’s vote incentive showcases some of the party attire worn by the ladies, since we didn’t get a good look at any of them and that’s just not fair.  They worked so hard to look nice.

Oh, and if you were in the market for new comics to read, I updated the links page.  I took a few comics off but added a bunch of new ones so the list is still longer overall.